Small Update-Update

Hey everyone! Sorry the blog was asleep this past week. I have a friend in town visiting me and we’ve been traveling a lot and meeting up with people so I’ve not had a lot of down time to write up a blog post, let alone read (my …totals….the TOTALS!).

Tomorrow I’m off for another travel stint but a post will come up tomorrow and (hopefully) next Friday as well.

I’m working on a big ol boy on MedeaGone Girl, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Ex Machina which I hope to have by the end of the month as well and am v excited about.

Hope everyone is having a nice summer so far! I spent all of yesterday in the garden, drinking cider and chatting with friends which is the ideal summer dream…


One thought on “Small Update-Update

  1. Oh dear, small hiatus? 🙂 well, we all need our real life vacations, plus GDQ is coming up when we both know there will be NO real life 😀 so gotta balance!
    I’m bookmarking you link for easy access next time 😉


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